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2004 Handicap series Excel spreadsheet Latest handicap table
Excel spreadsheet Tonbridge handicaps
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By popular demand the handicap series is back for 2004!!

For those unfamiliar with handicaps, either previously at CPT or elsewhere, let me explain how this one is going to work.

1. AIM

The aim is:
"To encourage people to race, and provide opportunity for friendly competition so that all club members, particularly those new to the sport, have the chance to compete against all other members on a similar level. It should motivate members in their training and provide encouragement in their relative performances. Most of all it should be FUN!"


2.1 The Events
The committee have selected 12 triathlon events that will make up the series. The events cover sprint, Olympic, middle distance and Ironman races and have been selected to include club championships, local events and those previously popular within the club. Members will count their four best results from any four races to score points within the series.

The 12 triathlon events* chosen are:

Sprint events: Date
Tonbridge (Club Champs - Sprint)
East Grinstead
Hillingdon (race 3 in series)
White Oak
3rd May 2004
9th May 2004
20th June 2004
11th July 2004
12th Sept 2004

Olympic events: Date
London (std Olympic or sub 2h30 course)
Swanage (Club Champs - Olympic)
Brighton Marina
13th June 2004
1st Aug 2004
8th Aug 2004
TBC (19th Sept 04)

Middle Distance events: Date
Half Ironman UK (HIMUK - Sherborne) - (Club Champs - Middle Distance)
6th June 2004
22nd Aug 2004

Ironman events: Date
Ironman Austria (Club Champs -Ironman) 4th July 2004

*Where a race is cancelled/abandoned etc.. the Committee reserve the right to substitute the race for an alternative/equivalent event.

2.2 Creating the Handicap
The handicapping system will be devised by the 'Handicap Panel' myself (Neil Atherton) with the able assistance of a willing volunteer (anyone interested contact me) to create a 'handicap time' for each person for each event. This will be deducted from each members actual finishing time. The handicap time will be based around the following broad criteria (where available):

  • The winning time for the race in previous years (as benchmark)
  • A member's performance at that event in previous years (or performance at a previous event deemed to be a good comparator) adjusted for major anomalies where known (eg punctures)
  • A member's current 2004 form (this will include race performance within and outside the handicap as the series progresses throughout the year or anticipated performance based on club training sessions etc..)
  • The handicap times for each event will be published on the club web-site prior to the each event in the series
  • The 'Handicap Panel's' decision on handicap times are final (This is a fun competition and we're not maths graduates so no law suits please - If you've been given too low a handicap time then treat it as a compliment, too high a handicap time then use it to your advantage!)

2.3 Scoring

  • In each event the member with the fastest time (after subtracting the handicap) scores 10 points, 2nd 9 points etc.. down to 10th 1 point.
  • If more than 10 people race an event only the top 10 will score.
  • Tied times will invoke tied points averaged between the two placings (ie 2 joint first = 9.5 points each)
  • All events are scored equally as above (even if less than 10 people racing)

2.4 Other Details

  • Members to log their participation in the races on the Race Matrix on the web-site, or notify me in advance of the race so that the appropriate handicap times can be calculated for individuals.
  • Handicap results and 'League Table' will be published on the web-site.
  • A prize will be awarded to the series winner.
  • The two Handicap Panel members can participate in the series but won't be eligible for any prizes (to avoid any questions on impartiality!)
  • Whilst it is preferred members race in some form of club kit - you won't be DQ'd from the series if you don't!

Hopefully this makes sense. I will have entry forms for all the races in the Race Folder so let me know if you want any. If there's any questions or you'd like to help with the handicaps then let me know. Sorry for all the rules - they're only there to try to help minimise any possible confusion later in the year!

Thanks & Have Fun Racing!
Neil (07740 905796)

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Last updated: 1 June 2004
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