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Crystal Palace Triathlon


Junior events

CPT juniors in action

CPT juniors are encouraged to compete in:

Triathlon – Swim – Bike – Run
Aquathlon – Swim – Run
Duathlon – Run – Bike – Run

Most multisport events take place from April – September when the weather is warmer, especially those involving a swim. 

Triathlon London (our region within British Triathlon) organises a junior race series which you can compete in to see how you are doing against others in your age group and gender, as you score points for each event you enter.  We encourage all CPT juniors to enter these events and support each other. 

It is the responsibility of the athlete to enter their chosen races through the relevant entry process, some of the events fill up very quickly. 

The junior race series is usually announced in November or December for the following year and we endeavour to keep you up to date with what is going on, via the e-group.

There are six race categories, based on your age as at 31 December each year:

Tristarts - 8 years old
Tristar 1 – 9 & 10 years old
Tristar 2 – 11 & 12 years old
Tristar 3 – 13 & 14 years old
Youth – 15 & 16 years old
Junior – 17 - 19 years old

The junior series events and others in and around London can be found on the London Website.

Triathlon England membership (governing body)
It is not mandatory to be a Triathlon England member to race, but joining will provide insurance benefits to juniors along with a small discount on entering British Triathlon permitted events, which all in the series will be.

Other events to take part in

Along with multisport events, many CPT juniors compete for their borough in the London Youth Games events and the Mini Marathon.

London Youth Games (LYG)
The LYG is Europe's largest youth sports festival.  It is now a season of events taking place over nine months including both School and Community Competitions across 30 different sports, including cross country, swimming, cycling and aquathlon.

Open competitions enable the most talented young people in each London borough to compete to become champions of London.  Teams are organised by the sports development team in your local authority.  Contact your borough team and get on their mailing list via the Borough Page

Mini Marathon
This is the last 5km of the London Marathon course finishing in The Mall, starting at around the same time as the runners set off from Greenwich.

Most boroughs hold trials for selection in January-February time organised by the same sports development team as the LYG in your local authority.



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