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Club members, past and present, have all achieved the following PBs at parkrun (5k) events:

Name parkrun venue PB time  
Ben Unsworth Alice Hunt 22:42 Ben
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Keith Brewster Ashton Court 18:54 Keith
Tim Thomas Ashton Court 23:03 Tim
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Zac Purnell (Junior) Arrow Valley 17:15 Zac
Jeremy Purnell Arrow Valley 20:10 Jeremy
Alison Purnell Arrow Valley 21:28 Alison
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Victor Thompson Bangor 20:25 Victor
Louise Alan-Smith Bangor 27:21 Louise
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Graeme Blair Banstead Woods 19:17 Graeme
Gavin King Banstead Woods 20:05 Gavin
Haydn Whitmore Banstead Woods 20:28 Haydn
Bernard Finerty Banstead Woods 22:45 Bernie
Dave Crockwell Banstead Woods 23:00 Dave
Steve Wells Banstead Woods 23:57 Steve
Audrey Livingston Banstead Woods 24:30 Audrey
Karen Ayers Banstead Woods 24:32 Karen
Sally Kidson Banstead Woods 28:59 Sally
Malcolm Hicks Banstead Woods 29:07 Malcolm
Theresa Hutchings Banstead Woods 34:28 Theresa
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Madeleine Smith-Londono (Junior) Barking 23:53 Awaiting image
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Gary Blunt Barnstable 27:58 Gary
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Mike Dowds Beckenham Place 18:08 Mike
Kevin Freeman Beckenham Place 20:17 Kevin
Ottilie Bright (Junior) Beckenham Place 20:57 Ottilie
Lottie Hull (Junior) Beckenham Place 21:11 Lottie
Brian Morris Beckenham Place 22:00 Brian
Ben Unsworth Beckenham Place 22:00 Ben
Natasha Raggett Beckenham Place 22:10 Natasha
Helen Garrett Beckenham Place 22:37 Helen
Caleb Beaton-Skillman (Jnr) Beckenham Place 22:44 Awaiting image
Lizzie Brama Beckenham Place 23:21 Lizzy
Dave Crockwell Beckenham Place 23:51 Dave
Charles Greenwood Beckenham Place 24:32 Charles
Roxy Chippendale Beckenham Place 25:10 Roxy
Ruki Sidhwa Beckenham Place 29:58 Ruki
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Victor Thompson Belfast Victoria 20:05 Victor
Louise Alan-Smith Belfast Victoria 25:48 Louise
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Ben Unsworth Bexley 24:34 Ben
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Lola Rafferty (Junior) Birkenhead 26:16 Lola
Martin Rafferty Birkenhead 26:17 Martin
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Chris Porter Bognor Regis 22:07 Chris
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Peter Wood Brighton & Hove 21:08 Peter
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Phil Feldman Brockenhurst 19:54 Phil
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Rob Parry Brockwell Park 17:43 Rob
Nash Pradnam Brockwell Park 17:50 Nash
Greg Lewis Brockwell Park 17:59 Greg
Isaac Brown (Junior) Brockwell Park 18:05 Isaac
Keith Brewster Brockwell Park 18:14 Keith
Jon Horsman Brockwell Park 18:19 Jon
Mark Brown Brockwell Park 18:29 Mark
John Buchanan Brockwell Park 18:32 John
Mark Thomas Brockwell Park 18:37 Mark
Phil Feldman Brockwell Park 19:09 Phil
Jake Gillett (Jnr) Brockwell Park 19:32 Awaiting image
Daniel Pinn Brockwell Park 19:48 Dan
Ben Unsworth Brockwell Park 19:49 Ben
Andy McRobbie Brockwell Park 19:54 Andy
Grant Georgiades Brockwell Park 20:21 Grant
Phil Wright Brockwell Park 20:21 Phil Wright
Selwyn Smith Brockwell Park 20:22 Selwyn
James Acheson Brockwell Park 20:33 James
Victor Thompson Brockwell Park 20:36 Victor
Peter Wood Brockwell Park 20:53 Peter
James Nellist Brockwell Park 20:55 James
Lisa Collins Brockwell Park 21:00 Lisa
Zac Crowther (Junior) Brockwell Park 21:01 Zac
Martin Rafferty Brockwell Park 21:09 Martin
Emily Parry Brockwell Park 21:10 Emily
Matt Lawley Brockwell Park 21:30 Matt
Finbar Percy (Junior) Brockwell Park 21:41 Awaiting image
Emanuele Vignoli Brockwell Park 21:43 Emanuele
Alex Novakovic Brockwell Park 21:44 Alex
Dave Crockwell Brockwell Park 21:54 Dave
Freddie Argent (Junior) Brockwell Park 22:27 Blank
Phil Taylor Brockwell Park 22:32 Phil
Madeleine Mcguigan (Jnr) Brockwell Park 22:39 No image
Charlotte Sanderson Brockwell Park 22:39 Charlotte
Dean Thurlow Brockwell Park 23:29 Dean
Kamran Pradhan Brockwell 23:32 Awaiting image
Lizzie Brama Brockwell 23:35 Lizzy
Lola Rafferty (junior) Brockwell Park 24:00 Lola
Kati Pusey Brockwell Park 24:07 Kati
Glyn Tully Brockwell Park 24:09 Glyn
Patrick Mcguigan (Jnr) Brockwell Park 24:12 No image
Kirsten Smith Brockwell Park 24:24 Kirsten
Brigit Brown Brockwell Park 24:25 Brigit
Ruki Sidhwa Brockwell Park 24:32 Ruki
James Condron Brockwell Park 24:40 Jim
Chris Porter Brockwell Park 24:41 Chris
Michelle Carroll Brockwell Park 24:43 Michelle
Emma Snowdon Brockwell Park 24:47 Emma
Olivia Argent (Junior) Brockwell Park 24:51 Blank
Brian Morris Brockwell Park 24:57 Brian
Sheila Horsman Brockwell Park 25:08 Sheila
Sue Rowlands Brockwell Park 25:43 Sue
Karen Ayers Brockwell Park 26:13 Karen
Alan Klejn (Junior) Brockwell Park 26:14 Alan
Ella Fields Brockwell Park 26:35 Ella
Louise Alan-Smith Brockwell Park 26:45 Louise
Rosie Pearson Brockwell Park 26:41 Rosie
Audrey Livingston Brockwell Park 27:19 Audrey
Claire McGinley) Brockwell Park 28:30 Claire
Bessie Rafferty (junior) Brockwell Park 29:31 Bessie
Malcolm Hicks Brockwell Park 33:52 Malcolm
Karin Courtman Brockwell Park 34:13 Karin
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Mike Dowds Bromley 16:59 Mike
Keith Brewster Bromley 17:29 Keith
Clare Elms Bromley 17:37 Clare
Rob Parry Bromley 17:45 Rob
Peter Mack Bromley 17:47 Peter
Geoff Dillon Bromley 18:19 Geoff
Phil Feldman Bromley 18:38 Phil
Adrian Durran Bromley 18:46 Adrian
Alex Elms (Junior) Bromley 18:49 Alex
Matthew White Bromley 18:49 Matthew
James Falshaw Bromley 18:55 James
Adrian Durran Bromley 19:34 Adrian
Paul Delicata Bromley 19:37 Paul
Peter Wood Bromley 19:49 Peter
Adrian Durran Bromley 20:01 Adrian
Phil Vickers Bromley 20:10 Phil
Darren Jackson Bromley 20:18 Darren
Neil Barnes Bromley 20:25 Neil
Emanuele Vignoli Bromley 20:25 Emanuele
Haydn Whitmore Bromley 20:29 Haydn
Michael Eagling (Junior) Bromley 20:50 Michael
Andy Eddleston Bromley 21:16 Andy
Adam Spencer Bromley 21:23 Adam
Natalie Falshaw (Junior) Bromley 21:35 Natalie
James Miller Bromley 21:44 James
James Mullarkey Bromley 21:47 James
Dave Crockwell Bromley 21:53 Dave
Brian Morris Bromley 22:18 Brian
Cathy Cooke Bromley 22:35 Cathy
Mitch Cooke Bromley 22:40 Mitch
Mick McManus Bromley 22:58 Mick
Tammy Falshaw (Junior) Bromley 22:58 Tammy
Charles Greenwood Bromley 23:12 Charles
Rob Hollis Bromley 23:14 Rob
Emma Snowdon Bromley 23:23 Emma
Ruki Sidhwa Bromley 24:13 Ruki
Caleb Beaton-Skillman (Jnr) Bromley 24:14 Awaiting image
Dean Thurlow Bromley 24:26 Dean
Tony Finch Bromley 24:19 Tony
Ashlee Corfe Bromley 24:48 Ashlee
Mark Hoolahan Bromley 24:52 Mark
Oliver Wright-Jones (Junior) Bromley 24:57 Awaiting image
Rachel Vignoli Bromley 25:53 Rachel
Gary Blunt Bromley 25:59 Gary
Sara Hoolahan Bromley 26:50 Sara
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Stuart Milne Burgess 19:06 Stuart
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Grant Georgiades Bushy Park 20:10 Grant
Kevin Freeman Bushy Park 20:30 Kevin
Ella Fields Bushy Park 28:28 Ella
Carole Jackson Bushy Park 31:46 Carole
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Tom Suddaby Cannon Hill 19:24 Tom
Phil Wright Cannon Hill 20:46 Phil
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Haydn Whitemore Caisebrook Cove 20:11 Haydn
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Daniel Pinn Cardiff 16:32 Dan
Matt Lawley Cardiff 20:41 Matt
Emanuele Vignoli Cardiff 20:48 Emanuele
Rachel Vignoli Cardiff 26:27 Rachel
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Dave Vrettos Chelmsfield Central 19:08 Dave
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Zac Purnell (Junior) Chichester 18:17 Zac
Jeremy Purnell Chichester 20:15 Jeremy
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Laura Torok Crane Park 23:17 Laura
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Alex Yee (Junior) Crystal Palace 16:08 Alex
Michael Eagling (Junior) Crystal Palace 17:13 Michael
Greg Lewis Crystal Palace 17:54 Greg
Rob Parry Crystal Palace 18:11 Rob
Tom Moreton Crystal Palace 18:28 Tom
Keith Brewster Crystal Palace 18:29 Keith
Mike Dowds Crystal Palace 18:30 Mike
Matt Lawes Crystal Palace 18:36 Matt
Matthew Maginn (Jnr) Crystal Palace 18:39 Matthew
Selwyn Smith Crystal Palace 18:51 Selwyn
Peter Mack Crystal Palace 18:52 Peter
John Buchanan Crystal Palace 18:54 John
Clare Elms Crystal Palace 18:58 Clare
Mark Brown Crystal Palace 19:02 Mark
Joe Kidson (Junior) Crystal Palace 19:07 Joe
Steve Harris Crystal Palace 19:08 Steve
James Allan (Junior) Crystal Palace 19:12 James
Tom Vincent Crystal Palace 19:15 Tom
Mark Thomas Crystal Palace 19:23 Mark
Chris Mangioni Crystal Palace 19:28 Chris
Tom Suddaby Crystal Palace 19:41 Tom
Ben Unsworth Crystal Palace 19:48 Ben
Richie Hallinan Crystal Palace 19:52 Richie
Phil Feldman Crystal Palace 19:53 Phil
Neil Pusey Crystal Palace 19:53 Neil
Phil Vickers Crystal Palace 19:53 Phil
Dave Vrettos Crystal Palace 19:54 Dave
Mike Henderson Crystal Palace 19:55 Mike
Ron Yee Crystal Palace 19:56 Ron
Hans Geberbauer Crystal Palace 19:56 Hans
Jonathan Gough Crystal Palace 20:20 Jonathan
Michael Coates Crystal Palace 20:21 Michael
James Brewer Crystal Palace 20:39 James
Kevin Freeman Crystal Palace 20:58 Kevin
Oskar Murmann (Jnr) Crystal Palace 20:58 Oskar
James Nellist Crystal Palace 20:26 James
Voy Kozielski Crystal Palace 20:27 Voy
Chih-Hap Lin Crystal Palace 20:29 Chih
Daniel Pinn Crystal Palace 20:43 Dan
Emanuele Vignoli Crystal Palace 20:53 Emanuele
Suse Fairfax Crystal Palace 21:00 Suse
Haydn Whitmore Crystal Palace 21:02 Haydn
Leo Govan Crystal Palace 21:10 Leo
Lisa Buchanan Crystal Palace 21:11 Lisa
Bruce Sharp Crystal Palace 21:11 Bruce
Neil Barnes Crystal Palace 21:18 Neil
Matt Lawley Crystal Palace 21:18 Matt
Sam Blackie Crystal Palace 21:19 Sam
Chris Porter Crystal Palace 21:20 Chris
Grant Georgiades Crystal Palace 21:29 Grant
Peter Wood Crystal Palace 21:30 Peter
Rich Weston Crystal Palace 21:35 Rich
Emily Parry Crystal Palace 21:38 Emily
Christo Chilton (Junior) Crystal Palace 21:44 Christo
James Miller Crystal Palace 21:44 James
Alan Siu Crystal Palace 21:55 Alan
Phil Taylor Crystal Palace 21:55 Phil
Scott Wise Crystal Palace 21:56 Scott
Chris Petch Crystal Palace 21:58 Chris
Brian Morris Crystal Palace 22:00 Brian
Ottilie Bright (Junior) Crystal Palace 22:02 Ottilie
Bevan Ellis Crystal Palace 22:03 Bevan
Janette Cross Crystal Palace 22:06 Janette
Charlotte Sanderson Crystal Palace 22:11 Charlotte
Martin Rafferty Crystal Palace 22:21 Martin
James Ripley Crystal Palace 22:29 James
Dave Crockwell Crystal Palace 22:33 Dave
Trevor Chilton Crystal Palace 22:39 Trevor
Laura Torok Crystal Palace 22:40 Laura
Andreas Bajohra Crystal Palace 22:48 Andreas
Jane Ford Crystal Palace 22:50 Jane
Dean Thurlow Crystal Palace 22:51 Dean
Natasha Raggett Crystal Palace 22:56 Natasha
Bruce Ayers Crystal Palace 22:57 Bruce
Charles Greenwood Crystal Palace 23:09 Charles
Greta Sharp (Junior) Crystal Palace 23:15 Greta
Kati Pusey Crystal Palace 23:16 Kati
Lottie Hull (Junior) Crystal Palace 23:22 Lottie
James Mullarkey Crystal Palace 23:22 James
David Rose Crystal Palace 23:23 David
Glyn Tully Crystal Palace 23:27 Glyn
Darren Jackson Crystal Palace 23:30 Darren
Tony Browne Crystal Palace 23:36 Tony
Marie Chorley Crystal Palace 23:41 Marie
Alex Novakovic Crystal Palace 23:42 Alex
Laura Boyd Crystal Palace 23:44 Laura
Alan Efrat (Junior) Crystal Palace 24:10 Adam
Bernie Finerty Crystal Palace 24:11 Bernie
Rachel Vignoli Crystal Palace 24:14 Rachel
Paul Morrissey Crystal Palace 24:29 Paul
Kirsten Smith Crystal Palace 24:42 Kirsten
Tom Sawyer Crystal Palace 24:42 Tom
Ruki Sidhwa Crystal Palace 24:44 Ruki
Tony Finch Crystal Palace 24:44 Tony
Emma Snowdon Crystal Palace 25:07 Emma
Alex Dix Crystal Palace 25:10 Alex
Josie Dow Crystal Palace 25:15 Josie
Audrey Livingston Crystal Palace 25:17 Audrey
Rob Hollis Crystal Palace 25:28 Rob
Anna Moorhouse Crystal Palace 25:31 Anna
Sal Zaiem Crystal Palace 25:31 Sal
Brigit Brown Crystal Palace 25:34 Brigit
Sally Kidson Crystal Palace 25:43 Sally
Karen Ayers Crystal Palace 25:44 Karen
Jilly Dolphin Crystal Palace 25:48 Jilly
Alex Chilton (Junior) Crystal Palace 25:52 Alex
Eloise Downing (Jnr) Crystal Palace 26:02 Awaiting image
Lizzie Brama Crystal Palace 26:04 Lizzy
Sara Hoolahan Crystal Palace 26:16 Sara
Dawn Haines Crystal Palace 26:25 Dawn
Martin Thompson Crystal Palace 26:27 Martin
Rosie Pearson Crystal Palace 26:34 Rosie
Fintan Culwin Crystal Palace 26:53 Fintan
Ella Fields Crystal Palace 26:55 Ella
Michelle Carroll Crystal Palace 27:08 Michelle
Riaz Rahman Crystal Palace 27:20 Riaz
Joseph Browne (Jnr) Crystal Palace 27.36 Awaiting image
Mark Aeron-Thomas Crystal Palace 28:04 Awaiting image
Ashlee Corfe Crystal Palace 28:23 Ashlee
Rachel Wadham Crystal Palace 28:43 Rachel
Roxy Chippendale Crystal Palace 29:03 Roxy
Helen Blackie Crystal Palace 29:37 Helen
Amy Aeron-Thomas Crystal Palace 31:38 Amy
Malcolm Hicks Crystal Palace 34:29 Malcolm
Andy McRobbie Crystal Palace 38:42 Andy
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Alex Yee Dulwich 14:32 Alex
Rob Parry Dulwich 16:59 Rob
Daniel Pinn Dulwich 17:13 Dan
Joseph Yee (Junior) Dulwich 17:27 Joseph
Mike Dowds Dulwich 17:55 Mike
Mark Brown Dulwich 18:22 Mark
Stuart Milne Dulwich 18:24 Stuart
Peter Mack Dulwich 18:24 Peter
Thomas Rigard-Asquith (Jnr) Dulwich 18:43 No image
Matthew Maginn (Jnr) Dulwich 18:45 Matthew
John Buchanan Dulwich 18:53 John
Martin Leat Dulwich 18:59 Martin
Josh Groenendijk Dulwich 19:04 Josh
James Nellist Dulwich 19:14 James
Mark Thomas Dulwich 19:14 Mark
Gary Schroeader Dulwich 19:15 Gary
Phil Feldman Dulwich 19:19 Phil
Peter Wood Dulwich 19:39 Peter
Alex Elms (Junior) Dulwich 19:21 Alex
Andy McRobbie Dulwich 19:23 Andy
Selwyn Smith Dulwich 19:46 Selwyn
Jon Horsman Dulwich 19:49
Martin Rafferty Dulwich 19:49 Martin
Matt Lawley Dulwich 20:05 Matt
Phil Vickers Dulwich 20:07 Phil
Tim Thomas Dulwich 20:18 Tim
Rich Weston Dulwich 20:20 Rich
George Rates (Junior) Dulwich 20:24 Awaiting image
Ron Yee Dulwich 20:31 Ron
Rob Jenkins Dulwich 20:32 Rob
Chris Petch Dulwich 20:40 Chris
Holly Robson Dulwich 20:47 Holly
Richard Lewey Dulwich 20:48 Richard
Lisa Buchanan Dulwich 20:49 Lisa
Rob Fisker-Van Veen Dulwich 20:53 Rob
Ottilie Bright (Junior) Dulwich 21:11 Ottilie
Lottie Hull (Junior) Dulwich 21:20 Lottie
Christo Chilton (Jnr) Dulwich 21:26 Christo
Hans Geberbauer Dulwich 21:32 Hans
Trevor Chilton Dulwich 21:37 Trevor
Emily Parry Dulwich 21:39 Emily
Kati Pusey Dulwich 21:40 Kati
Charlotte Sanderson Dulwich 21:40 Charlotte
Rob Buckler Dulwich 21:57 Rob
Dave Crockwell Dulwich 22:01 Dave
Janette Cross Dulwich 22:02 Janette
David Rose Dulwich 22:27 David
Anna Jackson Dulwich 22:27 Anna
Elle Horsman (Junior) Dulwich 22:36 Elle
Scott Barnes Dulwich 22:37 Scott
Greta Sharp (Junior) Dulwich 23:04 Greta
Chris Porter Dulwich 23:10 Chris
Lola Rafferty (Jnr) Dulwich 23:18 Lola
Glyn Tully Dulwich 23:21 Glyn
Alex Novakovic Dulwich 23:23 Alex
Alex Chilton (Jnr) Dulwich 23:45 Alex
Madeleine Smith-Londono Dulwich 23:56 Awaiting image
Kirsten Smith Dulwich 23:59 Kirsten
Mali Jenkins (Junior) Dulwich 24:12 Mali
Sasha Tinkler-Davis (Junior) Dulwich 24:12 Awaiting image
Ruki Sidhwa Dulwich 24:30 Ruki
Brigit Brown Dulwich 24:48 Brigit
Stuart Williams Dulwich 24:48 Awaiting image
Grant Georgiades Dulwich 24:58 Grant
Colleen Williams Dulwich 24:58 Awaiting image
Adam Efrat (Junior) Dulwich 25:02 Adam
Lili Jenkins (Junior) Dulwich 25:13 No image
Jonathan Miles (Junior) Dulwich 25:14 Awaiting image
Alan Klejn (Junior) Dulwich 25:27 Alan
Paul Miles Dulwich 25:29 Awaiting image
Rosie Pearson Dulwich 25:37 Rosie
Michelle Carroll Dulwich 25:41 Michelle
Audrey Livingston Dulwich 25:43 Audrey
Karen Ayers Dulwich 26:24 Karen
Mark Coulson Dulwich 26:47 Mark
Lexxie Webb (Junior) Dulwich 28:13 Lexie
Alex Dix Dulwich 28:24 Alex
Rafal Klejn Dulwich 30:21 Rafal
Ella Fields Dulwich 31:16 Ella
Emma Yee Dulwich 31:34 Emma
Bessie Rafferty (Jnr) Dulwich 31:48 Bessie
Malcolm Hicks Dulwich 34:20 Malcolm
Karin Courtman Dulwich 35:48 Karin
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Alex Yee Eastbourne 16:03 Alex
Joseph Yee Eastbourne 23:06 Joseph
Ron Yee Eastbourne 26:36 Ron
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Andy McRobbie Edinburgh 20:13 Andy
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Tom Vincent Errdig 20:48 Tom
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Anna Moorhouse Margate 28:59 Anna
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Peter King Frimley Lodge 30:12 Peter
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Zac Purnell (Junior) Fulham Palace 16:46 Zac Purnell
Ingmar Gunn(Junior) Fulham Palace 17:11 Awaiting image
Thomas Rigard-Asquith (Junior) Fulham Palace 17:59 Awaiting image
Lola Rafferty (Junior) Fulham Palace 23:34 Lola
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Matt Lawes Gorleston Park 17:06 Matt
Alex Dix Gorleston Park 25:10 Alex
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Clare Elms Greenwich 17:57
Course record
Josh Groenendijk Greenwich 19:09 Josh
Martin Leat Greenwich 19:15 Martin
Selwyn Smith Greenwich 19:34 Selwyn
Hans Geberbauer Greenwich 19:42 Hans
Phil Feldman Greenwich 19:50 Phil
Haydn Whitmore Greenwich 19:59 Haydn
James Brewer Greenwich 20:34 James
Brian Morris Greenwich 20:46 Brian
Grant Georgiades Greenwich 20:54 Grant
Matt Aldridge Greenwich 21:05 Matt
Natasha Raggett Greenwich 22:18 Natasha
Mike Dowds Greenwich 22:19 Mike
Emily Parry Greenwich 22:25 Emily
Phil Taylor Greenwich 22:37 Phil
Rob Hollis Greenwich 23:33 Rob
Helen Garrett Greenwich 23:46 Helen
David Rose Greenwich 24:00 David
Dave Crockwell Greenwich 24:09 Dave
Karen Ayers Greenwich 26:07 Karen
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Dave Crockwell Gunnersbury 23:56 Dave
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Rich Weston Hampstead Heath 23:26 Rich
Sal Zaiem Hampstead Heath 27:30 Sal
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Alex Yee Hastings

Course record

Joseph Yee (Junior) Hastings 17:50 Joseph
Steve Harris Hastings 21:09 Steve
Ron Yee Hastings


Name parkrun venue PB time  
Alex Yee (Junior) Hilly Fields

Course record

Clare Elms Hilly Fields 19:13
Course record
Alex Elms (Junior) Hilly Fields 20:08 Alex
Josh Groenendijk Hilly Fields 20:52 Josh
Joseph Yee (Junior) Hilly Fields 21:19 Joseph
Ron Yee Hilly Fields 22:32 Ron
Rebecca Reidy Hilly Fields 22:50 Rebecca
David Rose Hilly Fields 24:17 David
Fintan Culwin Hilly Fields 26:09 Fintan
Emma Yee Hilly Fields 31:04 Emma
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Steve Harris Hillsborough 19:22 Steve
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Madeleine Smith-Londono (Junior) Hull 25:06 Awaiting image
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Chris Porter Jersey 22:07 Chris
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Tony Browne Johnstown 23:32 Tony
Joseph Browne Johnstown 25:36 Awaiting image
Sinead Browne Johnstown 30:52 Sinead
Orla Browne Johnstown 42:44 Orla
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Rebecca Reidy Kesgrave 22:17 Rebecca
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Keith Brewster Lloyd Park 18:20 Keith
Clare Elms Lloyd Park 19:10
Course record
Tom Vincent Lloyd Park 19:39 Tom
Phil Feldman Lloyd Park 21:12 Phil
Ben Unsworth Lloyd Park 21:56 Ben
Michael Coates Lloyd Park 22:15 Michael
Adam Spencer Lloyd Park 22:06 Adam
Darren Jackson Lloyd Park 23:21 Darren
Lauren Whitmore Lloyd Park 24:57 Lauren
Ella Fields Lloyd Park 30:47 Ella
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Keith Brewster Longrun Meadow 18:50 Keith
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Peter Wood Lullingstone 21:43 Peter
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Peter Mack Maidstone 19:22 Peter
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Bernard Finerty Maldon Prom 27:45 Bernie
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Matthew Maginn (Jnr) Margate 19:20 Matthew
Anna Moorhouse Margate 28:51 Anna
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Alex Yee (Junior) Nonsuch 16:30 Alex
Kevin Freeman Nonsuch 19:23 Kevin
Joseph Yee (Junior) Nonsuch 22:55 Joseph
Ron Yee Nonsuch 23:43 Ron
Neil Atherton Nonsuch 23:44 Neil
Jim Lucas Nonsuch 24:02 Jim
Ruki Sidhwa Nonsuch 27:22 Ruki
Karen Ayers Nonsuch 29:33 Karen
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Haydn Whitmore Orpington 20:41 Haydn
Ben Unsworth Orpington 22:44 Ben
Gary Blunt Orpington 26:36 Gary
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Josh Groenendijk Peckham Rye 19:21 Josh
Hannah Ewens Peckham Rye 19:37 Hannah
Victor Thompson Peckham Rye 19:43 Victor
Gary Schroeader Peckham Rye 19:54 Gary
Martin Rafferty Peckham Rye 23:16 Martin
Stuart Williams Peckham Rye 24:06 Awaiting image
Finbar Percy (Junior) Peckham Rye 24:13 Awaiting image
Lola Rafferty (Jnr) Peckham Rye 25:41 Lola
Louise Alan-Smith Peckham Rye 26:25 Louise
Fintan Culwin Peckham Rye 29:26 Fintan
Rachel Wadham Peckham Rye 29:49 Rachel
Bessie Rafferty (Jnr) Peckham Rye 35:02 Bessie
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Tim Thomas Pomphrey Hill 22:17 Tim
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Lizzie Brama Poole 22:29 Lizzy
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Fintan Culwin Pomphrey Hill 27:17 Fintan
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Fintan Culwin Pomphrey Hill 19:18 Mark
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Peter Mack Princes 18:22 Peter
Dave Crockwell Princes 25:01 Dave
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Ross Calder Richmond Park 19:01 Ross
Ben Unsworth Richmond Park 19:25 Ben
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Graeme Blair Riddlesdown 17:59 Graeme
Helen Garrett Riddlesdown 21:54 Helen
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Fintan Culwin Roundhay 30:00 Fintan
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Clare Elms Roundshaw Downs 19:00
Course record
Niko Lutener Roundshaw Downs 19:33 Niko
Darren Jackson Roundshaw Downs 21:30 Darren
James Miller Roundshaw Downs 22:02 James
Bruce Ayers Roundshaw Downs 22:52 Bruce
Jonathan Miles (Junior) Roundshaw Downs 23:59 Awaiting image
Madeleine Smith-Londono (Junior) Roundshaw Downs 24:20 No image
Riaz Rahman Roundshaw Downs 25:16 Riaz
Karen Ayers Roundshaw Downs 25:41 Karen
Emma Snowdon Roundshaw Downs 26:18 Emma
Dawn Haines Roundshaw Downs 26:58 Dawn
Ella Fields Roundshaw Downs 31:24 Ella
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Alex Novakovic South Manchester 22:43 Alex
Ella Fields South Manchester 25:05 Ella
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Mike Dowds South Norwood 18:28 Mike
Tom Vincent South Norwood 20:22 Tom
Matt Lawley South Norwood 20:50 Matt
Charlotte Sanderson South Norwood 21:25 Charlotte
Ben Unsworth South Norwood 21:39 Ben
Dave Crockwell South Norwood 24:03 Dave
Helen Garrett South Norwood 24:05 Helen
Charles Greenwood South Norwood 25:19 Charles
Phil Taylor South Norwood 26:33 Phil
Ruki Sidhwa South Norwood 28:47 Ruki
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Charlotte Sanderson Southport 21:18 Charlotte
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Charlotte Sanderson Southwark 22:55 Charlotte
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Phil Wright Southwick Country Park 21:25 Phil
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Selwyn Smith Strathclyde 21:29 Selwyn
Madeleine Mcguigan (Jnr) Strathclyde 29:33 Awaiting image
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Charlotte Sanderson Southwick Country Park 22:51 Charlotte
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Harry Horsman (Junior) Tooting Common 18:59 Harry
Jon Horsman Tooting Common 19:13
Peter Wood Tooting Common 19:39 Peter
Dave Vrettos Tooting Common 20:28 Dave
Elle Horsman (Junior) Tooting Common 21:24 Elle
Matt Lawley Tooting Common 21:32 Matt
Alex Mcguigan (Jnr) Tooting Common 22:11 Awaiting image
Madeleine Mcguigan (Jnr) Tooting Common 22:23 Awaiting image
Patrick Mcguigan (Jnr) Tooting Common 24:15 Awaiting image
Berit Sund Tooting Common 24:59 Berit
Sheila Horsman Tooting Common 27:49 Sheila
Peter King Tooting Common 28:32 Peter
Name parkrun venue PB time  
Zac Purnell (Junior) Wimbledon Common 17:31 Zac
Jon Horsman Wimbledon Common 18:29
Peter Mack Wimbledon Common 18:35 Peter
Mark Thomas Wimbledon Common 18:56 Mark
Jeremy Purnell Wimbledon Common 19:08 Jeremy
Niko Lutener Wimbledon Common 19:16 Niko
Tim Thomas Wimbledon Common 20:07 Tim
Harry Horsman (Junior) Wimbledon Common 20:07 Harry
Peter King Wimbledon Common 20:36 Peter
Reef Boericke (Junior) Wimbledon Common 20:48 Reef
Elle Horsman (Junior) Wimbledon Common 20:51 Elle
Alison Purnell Wimbledon Common 21:18 Alison
Martin Rafferty Wimbledon Common 21:21 Martin
Madeleine Mcguigan (Jnr) Wimbledon Common 24:00 Awaiting image
Sheila Horsman Wimbledon Common 24:43 Sheila
Ella Fields Wimbledon Common 27:50 Ella