Crystal Palace Triathlon - Sunday 21 September 2008

Carbon Neutral – What is it and why bother ?
The world’s top scientists all agree that Climate Change is happening and that it is changing because of increases in greenhouse gases (GHG) in our atmosphere; carbon dioxide (CO2) is a GHG and has the greatest impact on climate change.

CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have risen one third since the industrial revolution and are set to double in the next 100 years.  Scientists predict that such rapid changes will cause major and severe harm to the social, economic and environmental systems that we know today.

The impact of climate change?
Governments are taking action but everybody needs to “do their bit”; Crystal Palace Triathletes (CPT) acknowledge that in carrying out their annual race they have an impact upon the environment but have pledged to reduce this as far as practically possible. The 2008 Crystal Palace Triathlon will therefore be carbon neutral.

Zero Carbon EventsZero Carbon Events are providing support and will be coordinating the reporting, data collection and analysis of the information. After the race they will also be producing the report on how the carbon footprint was assessed; this will be publically available via the CPT website.  

The amount of carbon produced as a result of the race will be determined using a carbon calculator to work out the carbon footprint, measured in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. We will be measuring a range of factors – as shown on the drawing below – to work this out.  

Diagram showing factors to be taken into consideration when measuring the carbon footprint of the 2008 race




Probably the biggest contributors to this footprint will be how people (competitors, marshals, spectators, exhibitors) travel to the event. Other factors to consider are lighting, electricity and the ‘energy’ taken to produce t-shirts and the other contents of the goody bag.

Carbon Neutral
Once we know what the carbon footprint of the race is – and this can only be done once the race has occurred – we will ‘offset’ the carbon footprint using schemes that have been shown to have a real positive effect on reducing C02.  

What does it mean for the competitors?
CPT will make the 2008 Crystal Palace Triathlon carbon neutral but need the help and cooperation of all the competitors, suppliers and marshals. We will seek to reduce the carbon footprint but will still need to ‘offset’ the rest,  this will be done through schemes that invest in carbon reducing projects. A small amount of each entrants’ race fee will go toward offsetting schemes – we calculate this to be £2 per person.

How this money is spent and how it helps the Crystal Palace Triathlon to be carbon neutral will be shown in a report that Zero Carbon Events will produce after the race.

Download Word document Download this report in Word format (162Kb)

2008 CPT carbon neutral race report available now.



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